About Ashley

Ashley lives for the little things:

Driving with the windows down, great lighting, the surprise curly fry amidst all the regular ones, writing in notebooks for the first time, the perfect chocolate-to-milk ratio in chocolate milk, and catching people dancing or singing in their cars at stoplights.

As much as the little things fuel her creativity and love of life, it’s telling others' stories through words + images that does it the most. She's fascinated by people and endlessly intrigued by the stories they have to tell - whether with their words or even just a facial expression.

She's worked as a storyteller and photographer for eight years and currently uses her talents as an excuse to talk to as many strangers as possible (sorry, Mom!). She's been recognized by the Illinois Press Association several times and her work has been used in newspapers and magazines throughout the country, as well as statewide and in national ad campaigns. 

She makes her home in Saint Louis, Missouri and will never say ‘no’ to a bourbon on the rocks. Her refrigerator is always stocked with good cheese, she's terrified of cats and clowns, she has a soft spot for the Delta blues, and nothing would make her happier than telling your story.